LOGIX™ is owned by five ICF manufacturers that operate six plants across North America. Backed by over 50 years of manufacturing experience, LOGIX offers the features most valued by the industry and the consumer.

Our technical staff is trained to respond to your queries with practical advice on quick and efficient installation. LOGIX is the most experienced ICF manufacturer in North America, manufacturing top quality products at six plants located throughout the United States and Canada. You can count on GOOD. SOLID. LOGIX. The ICF wall system that’s built to last. Visit the LOGIX website,

LOGIX's long manufacturing track record sets them apart from other ICF producers. They've translated that experience into better service and better products.

LOGIX forms come in an industry standard 16" X 48" dimension. To accommodate a wide range of applications, a variety of forms are available, including brick ledges, one-sided taper tops, four-inch height adjusters, and end caps. In addition, LOGIX is the first to offer half-height versions of its basic forms.

Thicker Foam

Most manufacturers use a variety of foam thicknesses in their products ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. LOGIX™ uses 2.75-inch thick foam exclusively in all form sizes.

Thicker foam means more insulating power as well as strength, which helps prevent damage during handling and distortion during concrete placement. Walls stay straighter and flatter. In addition, thicker foam permits standard rough-in sizing for electrical and plumbing installations.

Better Webs

Webs are plastic frames that connect and properly space the two panels of insulating foam. They also hold in place the steel rebar used to strengthen the concrete, and provide attachment surfaces for interior and exterior wall finishes.

The location of web fastening surfaces is clearly defined on the face of the block. These fastening surfaces are among the widest and thickest available anywhere, making it easier for wall subcontractors to attach fasteners when installing finished. LOGIX webs are designed so concrete flows easily through the forms for proper consolidation. LOGIX webs accept up to #6 rebar that snap into place, eliminating the time-consuming step of tying all rebar.

Variety of Sizes

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