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FREE wall alignment system use with ICF purchase.

A wall alignment system is as much a standard tool for building with ICFs as a paintbrush is to a painter. For perfect walls a good bracing system is essential. ICF walls may look plumb, square and level without bracing, but typically they aren't.

Unfortunately, some installers still insist on using other methods, no doubt at a cost to the homeowner.

Wallrus Wall Systems provides the strongest available wall alignment bracing system to ensure straight, plumb and square walls. Our system includes diagonal brace turnbuckles which allow easy adjustments, platforms for scaffold planking, is flexible for various heights and is easy to set up and use. 

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Whatever your level of need, Wallrus Wall Systems will make every provision to make your company's transition to this concept in building as painless as possible. We have experience working with several ICF systems. With that in mind, we have experienced and overcome most design and site specific challenges imaginable.

Our training outreach can be easily designed around your construction schedule. We can provide instruction in a classroom setting or on your site, whichever fits your specific requirement. This can all be accomplished at minimal cost to you or your crew. In most cases, we have been able to provide on-the-job-training, until you feel comfortable with the process, at no cost. The learning curve can easily be adjusted to suit the target audience. Our instruction and on-site support includes tips for the most efficient use of material to save time and money.

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Quick, Easy & Efficient

Although it looks new and different, anyone with construction experience can quickly get up to speed with ICFs. It is just like building with any other product but faster and more efficient. You already know 90% of what you need to know. Once the crew has some practice, each ICF-built home requires less skilled labor and less total labor than a wood-framed home. ICFs are very lightweight, so crews are less fatigued through the day.

Likewise, ICFs present no problem for the sub-contractors who come after the walls are poured. Since holes, chases and rectangles are easily cut into ICFs with a knife or saw, installation of mechanical systems is a snap.

The fastening of drywall and lap siding is just as fast and easy. And mid-course corrections, such as moving an opening, are no big deal - just saw it out and re-form. It's not more difficult to make changes to an ICF wall - it's just different. 



Internationally Proven & Code-Accepted

Originally developed in Europe (where concrete home building is standard) ICF systems have been used successfully around the world for more than 30 years. Thousands of ICF homes have been built in recent years throughout the United States and Canada.

They have proven successful in every region and climate, from Orlando to Calgary. ICF systems are accepted by all the major code bodies in the U.S., and by the R-2000 program in Canada.

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LOGIX ICF projects can be designed in any style, and will accept any traditional exterior finish including vinyl or wood siding, stucco and brick. Because custom angles and curves are easily created, it's simple to build in a bow, bay and radius.

LOGIX wall systems accommodate any of today's most popular design features, such as tall walls, large openings, long floor spans, and cathedral ceilings.








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Versatile System - Flexible Designs
Internationally Proven & Code-Accepted
Quick, Easy & Efficient
On-site training & Support
Free bracing use with ICF purchase
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Wallrus Wall Systems doesn't just sell forms and hope that your project goes well. We stand behind our products and service and do all that we can to make your projects successful. Our goal is to be your ally, to assist you in delivering quality to your clients and to profitably grow your business in multiple ways.

For builders who want a competitive edge, Wallrus Wall Systems offers quality products and friendly local service.

Ultimately it is about you, our building pro partners and your customers. We provide the best product and dedicate ourselves daily to our customer service.