What are (ICFs)?

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are hollow blocks or panels made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) plastic foam that construction crews stack into the shape of the exterior walls of a residential or commercial building. Workers then add reinforcing steel and fill the gap between the two layers of foam with concrete, which cures and hardens into a monolithic core. The foam panel stays in place. This combination of concrete, steel and foam creates an incredibly strong, energy-efficient, quiet, comfortable and durable structure, and is ready to accept any and all exterior and interior finishes.

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  What are ICFs?

  Is Your Design
  or Building
  Skeptical of ICFs?

  Living in an
  ICF home for less 



Building a home may be the single largest investment of your life. If that home is constructed with LOGIX insulated concrete forms (ICFs), your investment is naturally protected from the structural damage that can be caused by the effects of nature and fire.

As the owner of a LOGIX concrete home, you'll benefit from lower annual maintenance and energy costs while living in a home that provides a secure haven for your family.

LOGIX ICF benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • Energy efficient & Comfort
  • Safety and Durability
  • Design flexibility
  • Quiet
  • Healthy for living and healthy for the environment


ICF construction is priced competitively with wood frame construction but you get so much more for your money.

Initially the cost of building with ICF's may add 3-4% to your finished product. However, with the savings in heating, cooling, smaller HVAC systems, and lower insurance costs, you will find greater overall savings building with ICFs.

You can have all of the ICF benefits for less (read more)




Homes built with ICF exterior walls require an estimated 44% - 50% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable frame houses. Consequently, your heating and cooling systems can be downsized and your bills will be lower. LOGIX walls have R-value of 24 as compared to wood frame and metal frame construction’s R-9 to R-13 ratings. Therefore, LOGIX walls cut down energy conduction losses by about half.
LOGIX ICF walls do more than decrease energy loss. The concrete provides tremendous thermal mass, which means that it changes temperature very slowly, therefore, temperature peaks are smoothed, and as a result, homes are noticeably warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Nothing blows through reinforced concrete. There will be no drafts or cold spots.


The Energy Policy act of 2005 makes ICF construction more affordable!

  • $1000.00 tax credit for  homes that reduce energy use for heating and cooling by 30%
  • $2000.00 tax credit for homes that reduce energy use for heating and cooling by 50%

For more information visit www.energy.gov/taxbreaks.htm

LOGIX ICFs are non-toxic, there are no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), HCFCs, or formaldehydes, asbestos and also no wood to rot and mold. Airtight walls help prevent mold and mildew and provides a cleaner indoor environment that greatly reduces the intake of pollen and outdoor dust into your home. This helps the allergy sufferers and keeps the house cleaner.
LOGIX ICFs are healthy for our environment as well, they minimize the use of lumber, cause less waste for land fills and the superior thermal performance provided significantly reduces the need for the use of our precious natural resources for heating and cooling. The use of LOGIX promotes sustainable, green building practices and is an investment in the future.

LOGIX buildings are up to 8.5 times stronger than conventionally framed buildings.

LOGIX ICF concrete filled walls stand up to the fury of nature such as hurricanes and tornados and also to the more subtle threats of rot, rust and termites.

LOGIX walls have a 3 hour fire rating as opposed to 15 minutes for a comparable wood framed wall

Buildings constructed with LOGIX walls are designed to last for centuries, not decades.



Reinforced concrete systems have tremendous proven design capabilities. LOGIX wall systems can support concrete floor and roof systems and give you the ultimate in innovative design.

LOGIX ICFs can accommodate tall walls, curved walls, large openings, long ceiling spans, custom angles and cathedral ceilings. ICF homes can be finished with any exterior.

LOGIX ICFs are a light material, requiring less muscle to lift and cut, so crews maintain their efficiency throughout the day. In many cases one crew can do the foundation, above grade exterior walls, and framing of interior walls. This decreases the number of crews on the jobsite. Once a construction crew is trained in the installation process, homes can be completed much more quickly than wood frame, stud and insulation wall constructions. 



Your outside noises are almost eliminated. Compared to a typical wood framed wall, only about one third as much sound penetrates through a LOGIX wall.  Excellent for home theaters and sophisticated sound systems. 


Is your Design or Building Professional skeptical?

An experienced, conscientious design and building professional who is not currently building with insulated concrete forms (ICFs), may be concerned about all of the ICF claims made by salesmen selling them. They may have heard or even experienced some of the potential problems associated with ICFs in the past ...such as crooked, wavy walls or walls “blowing out”. It is true that if ICFs are not properly installed and supported there can be disastrous results, just as when conventional construction is done improperly. Wallrus Wall Systems is aware of what can go wrong and what must be done to prevent onsite problems.

We are not just selling a product, we back that product with knowledgeable and reliable service.
We are responsibly dedicated to assist you and your builder to have a positive experience building with ICFs by providing excellent training, onsite support and the best products available.

Please contact us to answer questions and meet with you and your design or building professional. Our goal is to help our customers and homeowners make informed decisions about building with ICFs.

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Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Security and Durability for less

A homebuyer pays 4 % more for an ICF concrete home. He secures a mortgage with a 7.5% interest rate and makes a 20% down payment on the home. He would pay $44 more per month on the principle and interest and $12 more per month in property taxes. However, he will save $75 on his energy bills and $12 on his homeowner's insurance each month.

Standard Wood Frame Home

ICF Concrete Home


Purchase price


$208, 000

4% more

Principle and Interest



7.5% Interest




.15% Tax Rate




20% savings*




50% Savings*

Monthly Housing Costs



$31 Savings

*average savings estimates

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    The $31 saved can be applied to the monthly mortgage for additional savings

LOGIX ICF home with minimal damage after Florida hurricane

As energy costs rise so does your energy cost savings with an ICF home


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